When Hostbora Services launched its services to Kenyans and the world, not many people expected it to offer competitive prices for domains or hosting. The company has however gone forward and offered cheap domains which come with free ID protection. Choosing to go head to head with the competition, the domain registrar and web hosting provider is set to take the East African market by storm and improve the provision of IT services in the area.
Like many small companies Hostbora is banking on quality of service and great customer support to foster growth. By offering free privacy for all TLDs, Hostbora guarantees that your personal information is safe from prying eyes such as spammers and other blackhats who collect publicly available information on the web for selfish reasons.
Hostbora is poised to increase the number of web services to its client base. Besides domains the company offers reliable web hosting services to individuals, starts ups, small businesses and enterprise clients. Hosting packages are charged monthly based on a yearly contract. Choosing to pay yearly gives you better value for your money and is more attractive to clients. By not locking out customers who would like to pay on a monthly basis the company hopes to remain the best choice for customers across the economic divide.
The Top Level Domains that are eligible for free ID protection include .com, .org, .info, .net, .biz among others. Generic TLDs such as .photography, .club etc. are also eligible. Choosing to register with Hostbora Services also comes with other benefits such as registrar lock to prevent unauthorized transfer. The company also provides free DNS management for all domains.