cheap web hosting

Having a reliable web host is a must for any serious web master or business. This does not however mean that it has to be expensive. It is very true that not all cheap web hosts suck. Some are professionals who can afford to offer an affordable web service to many clients. Some budget web hosts can even give you a better offer than overpriced shared hosting. You also need to understand that you small business idea may not need a dedicated server yet. You can try shared hosting first and make the upgrade after it accrues enough traffic.
When I first started my online business, I got stuck into really expensive hosting deals. I started as a reseller but realized that I was better off managing my own server where I could monitor things like server load and memory usage. Besides I could backup and restore client accounts without having to contact an up way provider.
Managing our own servers has now enabled us to be able to offer affordable and reliable web hosting to Kenyans and many other people across the globe.
How Cheap Is Cheap?
Cheap web hosting should be less than Kshs. 500/= per month. The host should also allow you to pay monthly. If you choose a cheap host it may not be a good idea to go with a long term contract. The service can turn out to be crap six months after payment and if you had paid yearly it would cost you money.
At Hostbora we are sure of our service that is why we allow flexible payments. Just choose the plan that fits your pocket and you can monitor how the service is like without committing to a long term contract. You should however know that yearly clients make huge savings.
If you are looking for an affordable and reliable web host and domain registrar then here is where to start.